We provide flexible and tailored motor solutions to suit your business and fleet requirements.  We recognise each organisation's motor solution needs are different and dependant on many factors. We have developed Integrated Motor Claims Solutions to cover all aspects of a motor claim in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Our Integrated Motor Claims Solutions is a truly unique offering providing full claims lifecycle management including FNOL (First Notification Of Loss), repair management, third party claims administration, subrogation, treasury management, financial and management information reporting. The service, available on a local or pan-European basis, has the following features:

  • 24 hour call centre capability for FNOL, including policy system integration
  • An end-to-end motor claims outsource solution on a single IT platform
  • Pan-European approved repair network
  • Desk-based (video) and on-site motor engineering/appraisal services
  • Proactive third party management (repair and injury treatment/ rehabilitation)
  • Technical claims management
  • Recovery/subrogation clams management
  • Claims payment and treasury functions
  • Extensive Management Information capabilities

The claims triage includes:

  • Policy and coverage validation
  • Risk assessment/Fraud screening
  • Liability assessment
  • Recovery potential – subrogation and contribution
  • Deployment of vehicle repair and engineering services
  • Proactive third party services
  • Effective deployment of claims to back office claims functions

To learn more please visit our Integrated Motor Claims Solutions page.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

Broadspire services include a fully integrated ULR programme that seeks to pursue swift recovery of outlays incurred as a result non/partial fault motor accidents.

We achieve this by:

  • Pro-active management of claims working to an agreed service level
  • Experienced Claims Technicians
  • Task driven claims management system
  • Innovative approach to dispute resolution
  • In-house trace and investigation resource
  • Benchmarked recovery rates and life cycles

We are able to offer flexible funding arrangements to suite your individual business needs.

Our web-based Case Management System provides transparency and the opportunity for our clients to see the current position of any claim 24/7, 365 days a year.

Where necessary, recovery may include llitigation, although we seek to avoid such action, if possible. At all times we will ensure we respect your specific claims philosophy.