Disability Management Services

Broadspire offer a full range of disability management services through our own internal, intra group, capabilities and strategic alliances with industry leading companies.

Our services have been designed to optimise the technology available to us, differentiate and add value to our core claims administration capabilities and create new opportunities for our clients to benefit from them directly; as they can be contracted separately or combined with each other.

Disability management services focus and desired outcome is to enhance an individual's independence in as many aspects of life as possible, including activities of daily living, work, and family responsibilities.

Absence Management & Presenteeism Assessment

Broadspire’s in-house Absence Management and Presenteeism Assessment programmes can be designed to suit client requirements and be supported by other disability management services.  

Employee absence is a significant cost to businesses. CIPD research reveals that on average sickness absence costs employers £692 per employee every year and employee absence costs employers 7.4 working days for every member of staff per year; this represents 3.3% of working time. Click here to access the CIPD 2009 report. 

Presenteeism discusses the problems faced when employees come to work in spite of illness and/or are over-working, which can have similar negative repercussions on business performance as absenteeism has.

The health problems that result in presenteeism include such chronic or episodic ailments such as:

  • Depression,
  • Back pain, 
  • Hay fever,
  • High blood pressure, and
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.

At the end of 2007, the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health estimated that the annual cost to an employer of stress and mental ill health in the workplace totalled £25.9b. What was surprising about their calculations was that absenteeism was responsible for only £8.4b, while presenteeism was nearly double the cost at £15.1b.

Injury Management

Injury management is about ensuring the prompt, safe and sustainable return to work of an injured party, whether they are an employee or third party to a liability claim. It includes:

  • Treatment of the injury, 
  • Rehabilitation back to work, 
  • Retraining into a new skill or new job 
  • Management of the personal injury claim 
  • Understanding the employment practices of the employer and terms and conditions of the insurance policy. 

Everyone involved is required to cooperate and participate in injury management, including the employer, injured person, insurer, treating doctor and all treating practitioners.

Our internal, multi-disciplinary injury management team will oversee the implementation and journey of all referrals.


Rehabilitation is the process of restoration of skills by a person who has had an illness or injury so as to regain maximum self-sufficiency and function in a normal or as near normal manner as possible.

Our associate rehabilitation therapists’ primary aim is to increase functional independence, prevent further loss of function, and maintain or improve quality of life for individuals living with physical illnesses or conditions.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Broadspire’s vocational rehabilitation services will maximise the skills of an injured employee or third party and help minimise costs resulting from personal injury.

Our vocational rehabilitation specialists work closely with insurers, employers and individuals to carefully assess an individual’s capacity for work and potential skills to help them return to a productive role either in a former occupation or one that fits their current capabilities and skills.